Dancers in the Park (2007) Pt. 4

MG Passchendaele

Michael Greyeyes as the character “Highway” in Paul Gross’ World War I epic “Passchendaele.”



This week’s diarist is actor and dancer Michael Greyeyes. He kept his diary last week while rehearsing for Dusk Dances, a dance festival taking place in Toronto’s Withrow Park until Sunday.



Phone rings.

It’s my agent, Mary Jane MacCallum at the ARC. I’ve just booked a film that starts shooting in mid-August –a period war film for Rhombus Media/CBC called Passchendaele. I remember the audition.


Movie posters on the wall. Casting office No. 1,768 in the 14th year of my acting career. This one has nice chairs. Casting Assistant “We’re ready for you, Michael.”

Enter non-descript room. Cameraman. Reader (someone to read lines with). Producers. Ragged piece of tape on the carpet:my mark. Sides in hand. Three scenes. The character is interesting. Banter with director…  Action.

CUT TO: Me walking out of the building into a cool spring day.

I thought it went well, but you can’t think about those things or you’ll go crazy. Then weeks pass. I wonder who got it?

The phone rings. Yes! The ups and downs of this thing are fast and furious. But this is really great news. Takes some of the sting out of the grant fiasco.

Racing to rehearsal for Dusk Dances. I’m late. 401 East is packed, but (blessings) the DVP is smooth going.

We have a good rehearsal. Worked on the ending. Tightening, smoothing the transitions between sections. Meegwun is dancing well and finding his way into this dance style. He tries on the Grass regalia for the first time. It flows, which in turn helps him flow. He’s digging it.

11 p.m. Foot in bucket of ice-water for 15 minutes. The first three minutes are frank torture. Then your skin starts to numb (but not nearly quickly enough). Ten minutes in, you get a cramp and have to move your leg, which stirs the ice cubes instigating a replay of the first three minutes again.


How did it get to be midnight!?

Tomorrow, the dress rehearsal of Dusk Dances.


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