Site # 2

Site # 2

This is a production still from Signal Theatre’s 2011 production of “from thine eyes.”
Ceinwen Gobert & Michael Caldwell (performers).  This work written by Yvette Nolan and directed by Michael Greyeyes, and co-produced by Native Earth Performing Arts, is organized around 4 central sites and an intermediary site–an meta-environment that spans the 4 sites, both temporally and physically.  The intermediary site is in the earth–where we discover the diggers, who awake without consciousness, without memory.  The act of uncovering the other 4 sites initiates each section/ site.  Site # 2 explores the memories of a man, named Henry. He recites his marriage vows.  A woman appears: Valerie, his wife.  Together they begin to dance–his memory.  But slowly his memories/ constructions inevitably reveal moments of violence and cruelty.  Even in this place, his narrative of events cannot rewrite their history.  Valerie again and again submits, until she is faced with a stark choice–life or death.

Site # 2 combines movement and spoken text, which uses a poem by Daniel David Moses (used with the artists’ permission).  The music and sound design are by Miquelon Rodriguez.


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